Jerry Lee gets called out after he was seen doing this on plane during trip with Fan Bingbing

5 January 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

Fan Bingbing and Jerry Lee continue to be seen together in public. 

Recently, Jerry was invited to attend a winter fishing event in Jilin and Fan Bingbing also tagged along, reported Asian E-News Portal.

On their way to Jilin, a netizen took a photo of them and uploaded it on Weibo. 

In the photo, Fan Bingbing was reading a newspaper while Jerry was playing on his phone. 

Netizens praised the two for being inseparable. 

However, there were some fans of Fan Bingbing that called Jerry out for always being on his phone when he should instead be taking good care of their goddess. 

After arriving at Jilin, Jerry tried driving on ice and also tried his hand at fishing. 

He successfully caught an auspicious-looking fish, implying that he will enjoy good luck in the upcoming year 

He then wished everyone on Weibo a new year filled with good news. 

Netizens jokingly asked whether that included his wedding.

See more photos related to the article in the gallery below. 

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