Jay Park lashes out at site for using his photo in drug scandal

23 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

Jay Park called out a certain site for using his photo as the header to a drug scandal post.

According to allkpop, the site had used photos of Jay Park and Dok2 for their post on Korean rappers being involved in a drug scandal.

In response, he angrily tweeted, "Trying to be a reliable new's [sic] source yet they post our pic's [sic] implying that it's us when it ain't."

He added, "Get yo fact's [sic] straight before you indirectly include us in some bullshit we ain't involved in~ aight now back to being successful #aomgilli".

His label said, "Jay Park isn't related to the drug scandal at all. We don't know this site at all, and we can't get into contact with them because they're not a Korean site. It's very shocking."

Currently, the site has taken down Jay Park and Dok2's photos as the header.


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