Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan finally share daughter's face and name to the world

15 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

The world can finally see pop king Jay Chou's firstborn's face and know her name. 

His wife, model Hannah Quinlivan, posted a photo of the top half of their baby's face on Weibo yesterday (Oct 14) for her 100th day of birth.

It's just the top half, but it is the first time the public has seen her face.

Chou had only previously shared a photo of himself and his daughter, her back to the camera, when she was a month old.

Fans marvelled at the long and beautiful eyelashes of their daughter -- named Hathaway. 

Hannah wrote: 

"Dear Hathaway, you're almost 100 days old. Daddy and Mummy are very happy to see you growing up day by day. Thank you for adding more emotion and more responsibility to our lives."

"We hope you will have a good outlook on life, and be able to meet life's various tests positively and make every decision bravely. My dear, remember we will always back you. Hope you can grow with Happiness Joy and Love."

She also shared a photo of a wooden gift box, decorated with a crest that of the couple's initials and their daughter's footprints.

She said: "Thank you for your gifts in these months. Now it's our turn to send a 100th day gift."

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