Jason Chan and fiancee Sarah Song argue during shooting, forcing director to play mediator

7 April 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

Actor Jason Chan attended an event organised by TVB and telecommunication company and expressed that he returned from Macau on April 2.

As he was filming a program, Xing Xing Tan Qin Tuan, with his fiancee Sarah Song he was asked if it was their honeymoon, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Jason said: "Nope and we filmed happily this time. Sarah used to be stern when filming program together and it resembles to filming reality show this time. Hope the director will not cut the argument scene.


"We have our own stands and principles and the director will come up to become mediator."

Mentioning ATV was shut down, Jason expressed he did not work for them before and felt it was a pity:

"As an audience and artiste, I feel it is a pity."

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