Japanese meteorologist has face and figure of 20-year-old -- but her real age shocks fans

22 October 2015 / 1 year 6 days ago

Hot Japanese meteorologist Nakagawa Yuko has become the hot topic among netizens with her latest photoshoot project.

Believe it or not, she is currently 43 years old and is already married, reports an article on Dkpopnews. Wait, what?!

Yes, she's 43 this year but still has the face and figure of a 20s, leaving fans to wonder how she managed to achieve that.

It was earlier reported that Yuko graduated from Tsuda College’s English Literature department, and even has teaching credentials. She then became a meteorologist after taking over the weather announcement on TBS’ Morning Tenki.

She maintains her youthful looks by showering twice: Once after she wakes up, and once before she sleeps. She also does facial muscle stretches during her bath times. In addition, Yuko limits her skin’s exposure to harsh UV rays, and includes plenty of meat in her diet.

Photos 1 to 30 show Yuko while the rest show other celebs who look eternally youthful.

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