Jade Chou expecting a boy, rejects over 20 drama offers

18 July 2016 / 3 months 1 week ago

Jade Chou and Blue Lan married in 2014, and had a daughter the next year.

Earlier, rumours were circling that Jade was pregnant again as Blue had declined all filming jobs, reports Asianpopnews

Yesterday, the couple confirmed that their second baby is a boy, and Jade’s expected date of delivery is in October.

Jade is 162 cm tall, and even after pregnancy, she only gains 6 kg.

She currently weighs 52 kg.

As their daughter is only a year old, Jade has declined more than 20 dramas in order to devote more time to raise her child.

However, she now hopes to revive her acting career.

After discussion with Blue, they will hire a nanny to help take care of the baby.

She will also resume her acting career after she breastfeeds her baby for 3 months.

The couple has also decided not to have a third child, and may consider the option of birth control surgical procedure.

When talking about her daughter, Jade is full of smiles, “Whenever she wakes up in the morning, she smiles at me. Now, Blue is telling her what kind of boyfriend she can’t have.”

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