Jacqueline Wong and Sammi Cheng wow fans with their flexibility

8 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Actresses Jacqueline Wong and Sammi Cheung attended the press conference of TVB programme, Living Healthily (活得健康嗎?) in TV City.

They showed their body flexility and Jacqueline revealed a slight 'career line' while demonstrating it, reports Asian E-New Blogspot.

As for Sammi, she wore tclothes which revealed her waist and when mentioned about dressing sexily recently, Sammi replied that the weather was hot:

"I become dark for two to three months and have not become fair before."

Mentioning that Jacqueline dressed conservatively, Jacqueline said: "Today is cold."

She added that her dancing skills was less good when competing for Ms Hong Kong pageant and hoped to show her dancing skills through more performances.

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