Jacelyn Tay's husband does not know about kissing scene with Tay Ping Hui

9 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Image: Tay Ping Hui (left) and Jacelyn Tay will share a kissing scene in new TV drama Crescendo. TNP PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
Oct 07, 2015

It’s local actress Jacelyn Tay’s return to the small screen after two and a half years.

And viewers are in for a treat as the 40-year-old will be seen canoodling up to actor Tay Ping Hui in new drama Crescendo, which will air on Channel 8 on Oct 23 at 9pm.

The two, who play ex-lovers, share a kissing scene in the show. Tay, who has been married for five years now, told The New Paper during a press conference for the drama on Tuesday:

“We only did a few takes, everyone was very professional about it, so it wasn’t awkward.”

She added: “My husband doesn’t know about it. I forgot to tell him but I think he should be okay.”

Tay shared that this is only her fourth kissing scene in 25 years of her acting career, and she had kissed actors Chen Han Wei and Thomas Ong in previous dramas.

Tay, who has been busy with her wellness center business in the past decade, agreed to take on this drama due to the cast.

Local artists Christopher Lee, Darren Lim, Ann Kok and Cynthia Koh also star in the xinyao-themed drama.

Said Tay: “There is very strong chemistry in this cast. We had so much fun and we would crack so many jokes in between filming.”

“We enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t want filming to wrap.” The FLY Entertainment artist said that this great acting experience has made her consider returning to showbiz.

“My daughter is all grown up now (four years old), and my business is running well on its own,” she said, “I want to take on more dramas, especially those intense, emotional ones.”

She added: “Even though I am no longer a full-time actress, acting is still in my bones.”

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