Ivana Wong marries longtime BF Eric So -- causing her 'other husband' to cry

1 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Ivana Wong (王菀之) married her longtime boyfriend Eric So 蘇卓航) at a private estate in Tai Tam, Hong Kong on Saturday, November 28.

Close friends including Sandra Ng (吳君如), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Joey Yung (容祖兒),Wyman Wong (黃偉文), Miriam Yeung(楊千嬅), and Hins Cheung (張敬軒) were in attendance.

Ivana wore a very modest and sleeved wedding dress which she chose with Eric, reports Jayne Stars. She had on a cute, English-inspired white crown to go with her simple gown.

They did a lot of their wedding shopping in Japan, and also took their wedding photos there.

Ivana walked into the reception room arm-in-arm with her father, who showed his reluctance of giving his daughter away, sending laughter across the room.

After reciting their wedding vows, Ivana and Eric exchanged rings that were tied together with a red string, a symbol to represent that they have tied the nuptial knot.

Ivana’s mother went on stage to perform a song for the couple. Ivana also performed a song in the piano, as a gift for her friends and family.

Hins Cheung “Steals” Ivana From Eric

The guests urged Ivana and Eric to kiss after cutting the wedding cake. The newlyweds were shy about it at first, but did cave in and kissed two times.

While taking pictures, Hins Cheung ran up to the stage and said to Ivana, “Take a picture with your other husband too!”

Hins and Ivana were rumored to be an item when they first debuted, and their rumors persisted for many years. But these rumors did not affect their friendship, and the two remained close and kept in touch. Many of their friends at the wedding joked about Hins and Ivana’s fake romance, including the groom Eric.

Wyman Wong shared a photo of Hinsand Eric kissing Ivana’s cheek on Instagram, writing, “Real and fake husband.”

Hins also shared a picture of himself hugging Ivana, with Eric looking helpless at the side. Hins joked, “Thank you Eric for coming!”

Joey Yung joined in the fun on social media as well. She uploaded a video of her consoling Hins, who was sad that the love of his life was married to someone else. He “cried” on Joey’s shoulder, and Joey said, “Don’t cry! It’s okay!” Hins then lightly grazed over Joey’s chest, and said, “So flat!”

In a later press interview, Hins said Ivana and Eric’s wedding was very avant-garde, simple, warm, and romantic. The low profile wedding created a very comfortable and intimate atmosphere for the guests. He joked that although he couldn’t be the groom, he did manage to get a job as the wedding’s main DJ.

Ivana revealed that they will be going on a honeymoon once she completes her current work obligations. However, the couple have not decided on when or where.

Asking if they’re planning to “make babies,” Ivana blushed and said, “This question is too personal! I don’t know!”

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