Identity of Shirley Yeung's mysterious partner revealed -- along with details about his married life

16 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Source: JayneStars

As a single mother, Shirley Yeung has always been known for scrimping and saving so that she could afford the best for her beloved daughter Krystal. However, Shirley’s normally frugal habits took a complete transformation, as she was spotted driving luxury cars and fancy apartments. Shirley’s new wealth fueled gossip that she is dating married Mainland businessman Peter Gao.

Shirley has allegedly purchased two penthouse apartment units in Tseung Kwan O, and has also changed her car from an ordinary SUV to a Land Rover worth $99,000 USD. Shirley and her daughter have also been spotted being driven around town by a private chauffeur.

How does Shirley afford her new expenses? Speculations arose that Shirley has struck the jackpot with her new beau, Peter Gao, who is not only a stock market expert but also owns record label, Honger Music, harnessing a total fortune of over $38.7 million USD.

Despite his wealthy background and his entertainment industry roots, Peter tends to keep a low profile and rarely takes photographs with celebrities. When organizing concerts in Hong Kong, Peter would also serve as the behind-the-scenes role of an investor. As a result, few have been aware of Peter’s relationship with Shirley, apart from those in their inner circles.

Ready to Have Second Baby

An anonymous source exposed that Shirley confided in her about dating an old friend and willingness to have a second child. Dating for one year, Shirley seems to place so much faith in her relationship with Peter that she has even started to decrease the number of bar events she attends in Mainland China, once her main source of income.

Dubbed as a Homewrecker

However, Peter is a married man who already has a daughter and son.  In September, Peter was photographed riding in Shirley’s new car. Sensitive to resulting gossip, Shirley even tried to hide herself in the backseat of the van to avoid the paparazzi.

In recent weeks, Shirley has openly been attending Honger Music’s events, and has even occasionally made an appearance together with Peter. Allegedly, at Lee Kwok Cheung‘s concert just last week organized by Honger Music, Shirley not only attended the concert but also busied herself backstage showing VIP guests around, as if she was a hostess.

Scolded for being a homewrecker, Shirley laughed over the gossip. “I can’t control what others say, as long as I know that I didn’t do it.” Asked if she can see herself having a relationship with a married man, Shirley replied, “Don’t think too much.”

Finally admitting that she had shared the same car ride with Peter last month, Shirley said, “I wasn’t trying to hide myself, but I didn’t want to affect him. I didn’t want to be photographed together.” She added, “That day, we were going to meet some friends for a meal and he asked for a car ride. That’s why we were in the same car. Seeing reporters following us, we decided to not go.”

Asked if she knew Peter’s wife, Shirley said, “No. He is only a regular friend, please don’t scare him. I won’t be seeing him for awhile, as I don’t want to affect him.”

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