How Harlem Yu 'admitted' new romance after he was seen spending the night with TV newscaster

30 October 2015 / 12 months 15 hours ago

Harlem has rarely addressed any of his rumours after his divorce with Annie Yi.

Unexpectedly, he responded on his rumours with Jinny yesterday and said, “It’s good to have friends. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

According to Asian Pop News, it seems like he has indirectly admitted to his newfound romance.

He hinted on his Facebook, “Wearing yellow purple banana (Homophone of Mickey Huang’s Chinese name) cycling clothes!

"Having magical protection! Don’t believe? Ask Huang Zi Jiao.”

Harlem’s good friends have sent their blessings to him.

Taiwanese host, Chang Hsiao Yen said, “That’s good! We are all very happy for him! Good man Harlem has finally found one.”

Pu Hsueh-liang also said, “I only know it after seeing the news. I am happy for them. When Harlem is ready to talk about it, he will say it.”

When told that his name was mentioned by Harlem, Mickey said, “This is Harlem’s humour style. That attire he was wearing is called Yellow purple banana. Maybe we both have gone through a lot in the past. He has a formidable body like me. Hence, he needs to encourage himself too.”

Recently, Taiwanese tabloids reported that Harlem was spotted dating someone. Last week, he was reportedly seen stopping his car outside the Formosa TV building.

Shortly after, Formosa TV’s English newscaster, Jinny Chang, 40, allegedly entered his car. At about 10 pm, Harlem is said to have driven her back to his studio.

Paparazzi saw the couple only leave the studio at 11 am the next day, wearing the same clothes as the night before.

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