How to go from not to hot in under 5 minutes

17 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

A video of a Chinese woman doing her make-up has gone viral.

Shanghaiist shared the video on their Facebook page which has garnered over 6.3 million views and 68,600 reactions.

The caption to the video was a quote by Helena Rubeinstein:

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."

And if there is one thing this woman isn't, it's lazy.

She increases the speed of her video to take viewers through the process of her daily makeup regime.

The difference once she's done is remarkable.

Netizens left the following comments:

"If women don't wear makeup, they're lazy. If women do wear makeup, they're deceitfully hiding their real faces. We just can't win."

"All women are beautiful, even without makeup."

"I'm a lazy girl and I prefer to show my real face, not a fake beauty mask.

"Except for [on] special days, but to me [it] is unbelievable everyday."

"Makeup is suppose to highlight your natural features, but not totally change the look of you. But we all know that men bypass a pretty face, for a woman with a well-informed mind (sarcasm) lol. 

"Girls, if men don't like your outsides, they won't take the time to know your insides. They have to be attracted to you first. Don't get angry feminist, that's the fact. Men are visual, even if some men will deny it. Lol." 

Watch the video below.

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