How Cristiano Ronaldo stays so buff -- despite feasting on junk food every weekend

2 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

Cristiano Ronaldo scoffs hamburgers and guzzles down Coca-Cola every Sunday. 

The 30-year-old soccer player may have to limit his diet to nutritious greens and healthy carbohydrates for the benefit of his sporting career but he has admitted his healthy eating regime goes out the window at the weekend. 

He told The Times magazine: "I eat and drink bad sometimes. I have a glass of wine from time-to-time. Every Sunday we eat hamburgers at home and drink Coca-Cola and everything. You need to have balance." 

However, it's a different story throughout the week as the former Manchester United player - who has five-year-old son Cristiano Jr - likes to stick to the same routine.

He explained: "I woke up at 8am this morning. By nine, I was stretching with the machines. I did my training hard. Then I went to the gym and did abdominal and more stretching. I had a massage, then lunch and sleep."

Meanwhile, the talented hunk, who is deemed as the best player in the world, is set to release his movie 'RONALDO', the first official and fully authorised film of one of the most celebrated figures in football, next month around the globe.

The film will give his adoring fans behind-closed-doors access to his life as a footballer, father and family man. 

See photos of the hunky star below (Photos 1 - 4: Splash).

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