HK actor Chapman To praises Singapore cabby for returning lost wallet

22 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

*Images: Chapman To's Facebook page

Aug 22, 2015

Hong Kong actor Chapman To has praised a local taxi driver for driving back to his hotel to return him his wallet which he had dropped in the cab.

The comedian recounted the incident on his Facebook page on Saturday morning and said he "encountered a good deed in Singapore" on Friday night.

"Just as I was about to go to sleep, I received a call from the hotel manager, who told me that my cab driver was downstairs and wanted to return me my wallet," wrote To.

To then went downstairs to collect his wallet and while thanking the taxi driver, who did not leave his name, offered to give him a tip.

However, the driver told To: "If I wanted money, why would I return to the hotel? I can just take it from your wallet!"

To then said on Facebook: "There are many reasons for liking a country and its people is one of the reasons. Mr Taxi Driver, even though you refused to tell me your name, I still want to thank you. I will donate the tip to charity on your behalf," wrote To.

Netizens also heaped praise on the driver for his honesty. One Facebook user RabbitLorna Chui wrote: It must have been fate for you to have met a taxi driver who isn't greedy. We should all learn from this."

Another user named Linnie Lee commented: "Just when you have lost faith in humanity, something good happens. Thank you, Mr Taxi Driver!"

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