Here's why Victoria Beckham is removing tattoo dedicated to husband David

21 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

David Beckham has an ongoing passion for body ink and is expanding his personal tattoo collection, whereas his wife Victoria seems to be doing quite the opposite.

Victoria recently removed a couple of tats, which were located on one of her wrists. Both tattoos were related to her husband and their family and one of the inking was actually the date she and David got married on.

And now she is removing another one, which is also devoted to her hubby. Paparazzi pictures of Victoria during an outing in New York caught the fashion designer’s neck and back fully exposed and they gave undeniable proof that Mrs. Beckham is removing a tattoo.

The tattoo in question is in Hebrew and it translates in English into “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. It’s been inked into her skin for years, it starts from the back of her neck and goes all the way down to her shoulder blades, reports Things You Didn't Know

It’s sweet and devoted to David, but it seems like Victoria has started seeing it as something rather embarrassing than affectionate. According to the media, the former Spice Girl member wants to make the fashion industry see her as somebody reliable and serious about her goals and work.

Thus, she has been removing her tats. The new paparazzi pictures clearly show that the tat’s ink is barely visible in present day, which indicates that Victoria has been undergoing some laser procedures in order to get rid of the inking.

According to UK’s Daily Mail, David Beckham currently has a total of 40 tattoos all over his body and by the looks of it, he’s not going to remove any of them anytime soon.

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