Here's the hilarious thing a girl did when a guy on the bus kept reading her texts

5 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Here's what you should do the next time a stranger tries to read your text. 

According to a post on AsianTown, a girl was annoyed when the passenger beside her kept trying o read her texts over her shoulder.

So she resorted to trolling him on her phone.

How you ask? Simple, she texted her friend who clearly shared the same sense of humour as her.

The message starts with her friend texting her that she is going to send her a very important message that needs to be deleted.

The next message says:

"He will be arriving home at 6:00. His car is a black Mazda 2... we have tow hours to work with."

Now anyone reading this message, will obviously feel that something suspicious is going on and that's exactly how the commuter felt because he changed seats after reading a few more messages from the conversation.

Find out what happened in between in the gallery below.

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