Heidi Chan files for divorce from husband Alvin Chau after he brings mistress Mandy Lieu to Hong Kong

21 December 2015 / 10 months 4 days ago

There have been various reports that Heidi Chan had attempted to get a divorce from husband Alvin Chau, however the businessman repeatedly denied her wish.

According to reports, he wants both his wife and mistress Mandy Lieu to be in his life. In a phone interview, Heidi admitted that she has filed for divorce from Alvin, reports Jayne Stars.

She calmly said, “Yes. It’s true. Because I’ve left the matter for my lawyers to handle, it is not convenient for me to say anything more. Thank you for your concerns.”

Sources say their divorce will be finalized in February, and that she has requested full custody of their children.

Last week, Alvin and Mandy were spotted holding hands while leaving a hot pot restaurant in Kowloon. This “hand holding of the century”, as the Hong Kong reporters called it, indirectly affirms that Alvin and Mandy can now be together publicly.

It also indicates that Heidi has finally decided to step down from this saga. This extramarital scandal has been heavily documented by the Hong Kong paparazzi since last August, when it was discovered that Alvin and Mandy were in a relationship.

The affair was definitely a deal breaker for Heidi, but Alvin, who “really loves” Heidi, didn’t want to separate from his wife of thirteen years.

His heart remained loyal to Heidi and their kids, and he attempted to maintain both families by keeping Mandy away from Hong Kong. But Mandy’s arrival in Hong Kong this month has shown that Alvin could no longer convince Heidi to stay. Heidi told Alvin that even if he refused to sign the divorce papers, she will petition.

Heidi’s close friend, producer Tiffany Chen said, “If it was me I would not have let go and hand over my husband so easily! We are all couples who have started from scratch in the business, and made it this far together. Hopefully [he] will cherish the ones in front of him.”

Mandy Lieu’s agency has refused to answer more questions in regards to Alvin.

They stated, “Mandy returned to Hong Kong for personal reasons. We are not clear of her schedule, so we will not answer any personal questions about Mandy. We will also not intervene with our artists’ personal lives. Thank you for the concerns.”

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