Is Hawick Lau and Yang Mi's marriage falling apart? Here's what they have to say

25 April 2016 / 6 months 14 hours ago

Hawick Lau recently attended a press conference to promote his upcoming drama. 

But media reports said that his behaviour at the event fueled gossip that his marriage with 29-year-old actress Yang Mi was falling apart.

Although Hawick has never shied away from speaking about his private life and sharing tidbits of his relationship with Yang Mi, he noticeably avoided talking about her at the event.

When asked when he last spent time with his wife, the 41-year-old actor cryptically answered, “The most recent time [I saw her]? It was that last time.”

Due to his ambiguous response, reporters contacted Hawick to seek further clarification on the matter, reports Asianpopnews.

Expressing his surprise at the media’s reaction, Hawick explained that he was rather agitated at the time.

“The way the reporters questioned me made me feel a little uncomfortable.

"When my wife and I see each other are our private matters.

"I can cooperate and accept any questions that are genuine and of good will.

"But is it really necessary to demand to know the specific date we saw each other?”

Stating that the pointed questions were deliberately over the line, Hawick added. “If my reaction caused any media friends to feel that I was not being cooperative, then I would like to take this opportunity now to apologize to everyone.

"I also ask everyone not to misunderstand and hope everyone will focus more on my work.”

In their two-year marriage, Hawick and Yang Mi were often plagued by divorce rumors.

Hawick said, “In the past, I didn’t arrange my work schedule that well, sometimes even having two dramas film concurrently together.

"From now on, I will arrange my time better. I will reduce my work load this year, to spend more time with my family.”

While Hawick admitted that they are often separated due to filming commitments, he assured that their marriage is going well.

Yang Mi has also issued a press statement refuting the divorce rumors, stating they were “completely fabricated and malicious”.

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