Has Tony Hung and Natalie Tong's relationship hit another bump?

4 July 2016 / 3 months 3 weeks ago

Tony Hung and Natalie Tong have hit a rough patch almost a year into their relationship.

Recently, it was reported that Tony reconnected with his ex-girlfriend, Bird Tse and that Natalie is not happy about it.

According to Jayne Stars, Natalie has abandoned her plans for buying a home together and preparing for marriage due to Tony's alleged unfaithfulness.

Although Natalie has denied being upset over the rumours and played down a public quarrel they had, she was noticeably absent at Virginia Lok's birthday celebration recently, leaving Tony to attend the event alone.

The media asked Tony whether Natalie was absent because she had gone on a trip with her frequent co-star, Kenneth Ma.

He did not respond initially but after posing for photographs, he asked the photographer in an "angry manner":

"What did you say?"

His unexpected response and mood changed the atmosphere and reporters dropped the question.

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