Guy plans elaborate break-up with cheating GF -- by making it look like a romantic proposal

2 December 2015 / 10 months 4 weeks ago

A man decided to trick his girlfriend, who was allegedly cheating on him, with perhaps the most elaborate break-up ever.

He set her up to believe that he was going to propose, but instead confronted her on her infidelity.

He even set up a romantic trail of candles, glitter and potpourri that led the unsuspecting woman to their bedroom, which was specially decorated as well.

An envelope on the bed explained his intentions to whisk her away on holiday to visit the northern lights, reports UNILAD.

He then read her a poem which hinted that he was going to propose and gets her to open a love heart shaped envelope. He also convinces her to wear antlers and a red nose.

He comes into the room and reads his poem while she reads the note. But, instead of a proposal, the woman finds a note asking her who she has been sleeping with.

The woman is stunned and the man turns around, shuts the door and leaves. The man’s elaborate breakup was then posted on YouTube.

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