Guess who visits this creepy hotel with red-stained walls and bottles of brown water

9 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

No, these photos were not taken at a murder scene. These images show a hotel in the town of Amboy, California.

There are only four people living in this ghost town, and the majority of the ten buildings are abandoned or crumbling.

These creepy photos show Roy's, a motel that has been run in the town since the 30s, reports UniLad.

Take a closer look at one of the pictures and you would spot a room which appears to have blood-smeared walls. Another photo shows a collection of bottles containing brown water.

The hotel is currently closed because there’s no drinking water. But in a bizarre twist, it has attracted some A-list Hollywood stars.

Actors Harrison Ford and Anthony Hopkins have autographed photos in the restaurant and apparently visit whenever their schedules allow.

Ford even reportedly flies in and lands his plane on a nearby landing strip. The town became popular after being associated with a number of ghost stories.

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