Grace Lam burst into tears when asked about husband's extramarital affair and says 'I give up'

14 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

Artiste Grace Lam was invited as a guest for an event and sang 'Hao Xin Fen Shou' on the stage.

When asked about the reason for choosing that particular song and if she had made a decision about her husband's extramarital affair, Grace replied she decided on a divorce and left it to a lawyer to handle it:, reported Asian E-News Portal

Said the celebrity:

"I told my husband about it. He had no reaction." 

Grace added his husband tried to explain to her that it was absurd.

Tears then streamed down on her face and she said: "I give up!"

Grace disclosed she suffered from insomnia and received several prank calls lately: 

"It has happened for one or two days and I do not know who the person is." 

She added she will try her best to fight for custody: 

"I will fight for the custody of my son." 

Grace then used a tissue to wipe away her tears. 

Asking if she will continue working or handling the divorce first, 

Grace said:

"I will try my best to maintain balance."

See photos of her breakdown in the gallery below.

Grace Lam
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