Grace Chan wants to be known for her acting, not just Kevin Cheng's GF

2 October 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Since winning Miss Hong Kong 2013, Grace Chan has achieved remarkable milestones in both her career and personal life.

Aside from her promising career, Grace is a stable relationship with Kevin Cheng, whom she regards as a potential marriage partner.

Distance is the Ultimate Test

Dating for half a year, the couple’s work schedules left almost no time to see each other.

Kevin is currently filming a drama in Hengdian for three months.

Grace said distance is the ultimate test to a relationship,

“I miss him, but during this time, we’ll be able to see if two people are meant to be together. If we’re able to overcome this [obstacle], then it’smeant to be.”

Despite their time apart from each other, Grace is confident that Kevin will not stray in the relationship.

She joked,

“It’s not unusual if others flock to him, he’s so charming! But I know he will be focused on filming over there.”

Sees Kevin as Marriage Partner?

Grace may only be 24-years-old, but she has a very mature outlook on dating and relationships.

Proclaiming that she is not a typical girl who focuses entirely on dating, Grace said she will continue to do her best and earn the audience’s trust through her acting rather than being known as Kevin’s girlfriend.

Grace admits that her relationship with the TV King has solidified. She she has a rational mindset, Grace rules out the possibility of a flash marriage.

“Six months is not a very long time. Right now, we’re still trying to spend time together. I hope that we get to see each other more often when he comes back to Hong Kong and that we’ll be able to do simple things such as watch a movie or have dinner together. We’re both very serious about the relationship. It’s a good thing because it’s unnecessary to waste time and fool around. I know that we’re very serious and there’s no need to think of anything else.”

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