Gorgeous Seolhyun slammed after her makeup mishap is caught on camera

15 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

AOA’s Seolhyun has been gaining a lot of attention from fans because of a makeup mishap at her recent appearance.

According to a post in Koreaboo via Pann, the star turned up to the event with foundation that was too light for her skin.

The tone of her face was much lighter compared to the rest of her body -- and the difference was more prominent when photos were snapped.

Unfortunately for her, some fans started slamming her for her appearance after the photos were released.

The site added that due to her naturally darker skin than most South Korean idols, she has received criticism from many netizens.

One netizen wrote: “Wow! This photo of Seolhyun is shocking.”

While another noted:“I thought this was photoshopped… This is too much… why would you make her pretty face like that.”

But she did gain some supporters and one user wrote: “She said that people criticize her for being dark and then for her whiteness when she applies make up like that.”

While another said: “Seolhyun said in the past that she got dissed for her darkness and then she got insulted for her whiteness after applying makeup.”

Check out her makeup in the gallery below.

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