Gordon Lam leaves Janice Man bruised in scene where she gets tied to bed naked and raped

8 March 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

Hong Kong actors took professionalism to the next level when Janice Man got bruised for real in a violent scene.

According to Jaynestars,Gordon Lam has taken on a rather violent role in the upcoming mystery drama film, Nessun Dorma.

The Hong Kong movie, which is directed by Herman Yau, deals with controversial issues and dark social themes.

In it, Janice Man wakes up in a dark room, tied to a bed naked and raped. 

Gordon, who plays Janice’s rapist and abuser, was asked to share his experiences on how he approached the violent scenes.

“This is our first collaboration,” he said. “On the first day we met we already had to do those scenes. The director told me to not go soft on her.”

Did Gordon actually go soft? “Honestly, no, because if I did, we would have to reshoot it and that would be even more painful.”

Nonetheless, Gordon said he felt miserable after doing the scenes because Janice could nott stop crying.

This is not the first time Gordon has 'beat up' another actress -- who sustained real injuries.

In the movie The Sleep Curse, Gordon rapes and abuses Michelle Wai.

Michelle shared some of the injuries she had sustained through filming on her Facebook: “This is all happening… it is not makeup… just acting but we were serious…”

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