Goodbye, Singapore: Julie Tan jets off to New York for acting course

27 June 2016 / 3 months 4 weeks ago

Julie Tan shocked fans when she announced in May that she would be leaving local TV screens to head to New York and brush up on her acting skills.

The day has come for her to finally leave and she posted a farewell message on her Facebook.

Posting a photo of herself on a plane, she wrote today (June 27):

"Bye Bye SG! #JTtoNYC"

The post has garnered over 3,500 reactions with most fans wishing her the best of luck.

Some are heartbroken to see her leave but most hope she has the time of her life.

One netizen also commented on how great she looks:

"How come you no make up also so pretty..."

Julie will be taking a six month break before returning to Singapore again.

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