Girls' Generation caught up in lip-synching controversy

3 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Girls' Generation have been caught up in a lip-synching controversy.

According to allkpop, a post about the nine-year girl group has been heating up online ever since July 28. Netizens are saying that the image above posted along with the message "Girls' Generation pre-recording found out" reveals that Girls' Generation lip-synched for a performance or possibly multiple performances.

The image of the music show set list details the list of performers including Girls' Generation, Tae Jin Ah, A Pink, SISTAR, INFINITE, and B2ST as well as their accompanied "MR" or music that's played along with the artists' live vocals. While the majority of artists are scheduled to sing along with normal MR, Girls' Generation are labeled to have "Live MR." According to reports, this indicates that Girls' Generation had both the MR and vocals playing for them, meaning they were lip-synching.

Netizens commented, "They're a veteran group, but still, this is wrong," "I knew this would happen," "Everyone already knows about this," "Girls' Generation's live performances have been really bad lately," and more.

In other news, Girls' Generation recently wrapped up filming for their final promotion of "Party" on July 27 for MBC's 'Show! Music Core'.

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