GF Mandy Lieu upset after Alvin Chau hugs wife Heidi Chan in HK party

29 June 2016 / 3 months 4 weeks ago

Despite being married to Heidi Chan, Alvin Chau also has a model girlfriend, Mandy Lieu.

Both women gave birth to his daughters in May last year, reports Asianpopnews.

After he was photographed holding hands with Mandy, Heidi was disappointed in him and initiated a divorce last December.

Mandy was also rumoured to be pregnant again, and Alvin was seen accompanying her in London.

In a strange twist of events last week, Alvin met Heidi at a friend’s birthday party.

At the party, Alvin tried very hard to woo his wife back, and even sang Love Me, Don’t Go to her.

During the song, he behaved very intimately with Heidi and held her waist.

He was also overheard saying, “I only have one Mrs Chau!”

According to Hong Kong media, Mandy who is in London currently, was said to be extremely upset when she saw the news.

In order to pacify the pregnant Mandy, Alvin immediately rushed back to London.

Yesterday night, Alvin was seen at the airport.

When he saw many reporters, he was frustrated and tried to dodge them.

When the reporters followed him all the way to departure gate, he snapped back at them, “Do you guys have to do to this extent?”

He declined to respond when asked if he was visiting Mandy.

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