Assaulted by three wives, two lightning strikes, a plane crash and other things Ric Flair survived

10 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

WWE superstar Ric Flair had a 25-year career that was nothing short of being epic in every sense.

He has never had any shortages of being in the news, recently making headlines in a feud with MMA star Conor McGregor.

The 16-time champion would enter the ring in robes that cost over USD$8,000, with one of the most iconic entrance themes of all time.

And his love for women has also landed him in trouble on more than one occasion with his multiple wives, reports The Lad Bible.

One of his wives, Jacqueline Beams, punched him in the face repeatedly because he reportedly can't keep it in his pants.

The Nature Boy,s second wife, Elizabeth Harrell, has also allegedly assaulted him.

Tiffany Vandemark, his third wife, also allegedly floored him with a charger.

A lot of Flair's troubles also lead back to unpaid debts or taxes, as well as alcohol, but none of these troubles meant much to him as he would simply ignore them.

But in 2002, he was involved in an alleged sexual assault case on board a flight to the US.

Flying with the likes of WWE superstars Razor Ramon and Dusty Rhodes, two flight attendants said that Flair wore nothing but a jewelled robe, flashing and spinning his penis around.

He also allegedly put both of their hands on his crotch, while forcibly sexually assaulting flight attendant Heidi Doyle.

Flair denied all of these allegations, and WWE settled the case with the woman out of court.

In October 1975 he survived a plane crash that killed the pilot of the craft died and left fellow wrestler Johnny Valentine paralysed.

Flair broke three bones in his back, but thanks to an intense rehabilitation programme he returned to the ring eight months later.

The crash also defined his career as he applied a power brawling style before the crash.

The injury and the rigorous physical therapy he underwent to regain fitness forced him to change to his 'Nature Boy style'.

In 1982, after exiting a plane in Virginia, each passenger was given an umbrella due to the poor weather conditions.

Making his way from the plane to the terminal building, a bolt of lightning struck Flair's umbrella, allegedly bouncing off and killing another man.

A second time, in 1986, a plane Flair was flying on was struck by lightning, allegedly flipping it upside down.

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