G.E.M Tang does impromptu interview with the press -- and her answers are...

8 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

G.E.M. made a rare appearance in Hong Kong recently to attend a concert with rumored boyfriend Jay Fung.

After the concert, G.E.M. stayed around to do an impromptu interview with the press, reports Jayne Stars

Once criticized for her diva behavior, tardiness, and rejecting press interviews, G.E.M. was buried with negative news about her reputation last year.

Now that the storm has died down a little, G.E.M. wanted to use this opportunity to mend her relationship with the press. As this was her first time doing an interview, G.E.M. looked nervous, but she answered all questions calmly with a smile. 

Last December, G.E.M. was late to the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards and the afterparty, and she was criticized for making her seniors wait for her.

G.E.M. said that she always tries her best to manage her time efficiently, “If I am given more details about the matter, I will do my best to be on time.”

G.E.M. said her tardiness at the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards was a misunderstanding.

“There was a communication problem. I always try to be on time.” In her mini-concert last year, G.E.M.’s agency and event organizers rejected all interviews directed to her.

G.E.M. quickly explained, “I was not the one who planned that concert! I remember asking if I would be doing interviews the day before, but they told me no. I don’t even know why.”

Due to her agency’s poor handling of public relations, G.E.M. requested for a staff change in the company.

“We recently hired a new girl, and she’s great. I feel that everything’s a lot more detailed now. The staff we had before were problematic; they would refuse to take calls and were not responsible.”

G.E.M.’s new staff member is someone she recommended herself. G.E.M. praised, “She’s a very responsible person and very good at her job. She’s a happy person.”

G.E.M. said she would not reject interviews, expressing, “I feel that it’s best to meet with the press face-to-face as much as possible.”

Asking if G.E.M.’s decision to receive a impromptu interview was to repair her relations with the press, she said,

“We should all have respect for each other. I always wanted people who work beside me to be happy. When there were many misunderstandings before, I wondered why it happened at first, but now I feel that we should try to avoid these things as much as we can.”

G.E.M. will be attending the Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards next week, and will also be doing an official interview.

“I will definitely do an interview. I haven’t done one in over two months, and I promised that my first will be for Metro Radio.”

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