Gary Kang tells S'pore reporters how his first love cheated on him with guy friend

6 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
Saturday, Oct 3, 2015

Korean star Gary Kang's visit to Singapore Polytechnic on Thursday made him nostalgic for his own high school days.

In an interview with local media yesterday, the 37-year-old revealed: "I had my first girlfriend when I was in high school. We would go to the playground in front of her house where we would sit on the swings. It was also where I kissed her."

However, instead of sweet memories, his first love left him heartbroken.

Said Kang: "She was a little playful and had something going on with my other guy friend. I was very sad, it was not a good memory."

Kang, of popular Korean variety show Running Man fame, was in town the past two days to film a new Korean reality TV programme School's OUT.

The show, which premieres on channel M (StarHub Channel 824/Singtel TV 518) on Nov 14 at 8.30pm, sees K-pop celebrities making surprise visits to schools in the region.

Kang also revealed that he was good at writing love letters when he was in school.

"I would help my guy friends write love letters to their girlfriends to impress them," he laughed. "But when the girls found out, they liked me instead."

Speaking through a translator, the star was relaxed and jovial during the interview, cracking jokes and making everyone laugh with his candid demeanour.

Earlier in the afternoon, he made an appearance at Wisma Atria mall, where more than 2,000 screaming fans gathered to catch a glimpse of him.


If there was one thing Kang regretted during his schooling days, it was not confessing his love for an older schoolmate he fancied.

He said: "It was just a one-sided love. If I could go back in time, I would write a love song for her and tell her my feelings."

These days, the bachelor is still shy when it comes to confessing his feelings for a woman.

To much laughter in the room, Kang said: "I think I will just down some alcohol and then tell her my feelings."

He added: "In today's world of technology where everyone sends and receives instant texts, I may also write a love letter. That will make the girl more touched."

Kang, who achieved international fame after Running Man gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years, laments the lack of freedom these days.

Five years ago, he said he could go wherever he wanted to with his then-girlfriend without fearing that people would recognise him.

"I could go to restaurants to eat, I could go overseas freely," he said. It's quite hard for me to go out nowadays as everyone knows my face now. It's not a bad thing, but sometimes I kind of miss my freedom and privacy."

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