Gaile Lok almost exposes herself while alighting cab in short shorts

15 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

After a failed marriage with Leon Lai and relationship with westerner boyfriend, Denim from New Zealand, currently 35 years old, Gaile Lok returned to the modelling world in Hong Kong.

According to Asian E-News Portal, she regained her fit body figure speedily and recovered her renowned model status as well.

Apparently within a short period of time, a man appeared beside her and photographs of them were taken going to nightclub together at times.

Gaile always has an open-minded character and behaves passionately. Despite being in a relationship, she continues to dress sexily and patronise the nightclub.

A few days ago at 4pm, Gaile wore hot shorts to leave the apartment in Happy Valley and board a cab to the luxury apartment to McDonnell Road, and her beautiful legs were seen upon alighting from the car.

As it was slightly windy, Gaile almost exposed herself. She almost forgot to take her beverage and open the car door again to retrieve it.

On another day, Gaile wore a flower shorts and left the apartment at 5pm in the evening. This time, she revealed her legs, back and bra straps.

Gaile carried the laptop and boarded the cab to a shopping mall in Causeway Bay, and left after 2 hours later.

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