Furious Vic Chou to sue Thai woman who accused him of raping and impregnating her

26 February 2016 / 8 months 11 hours ago

The whole entertainment industry was shocked last week when a Thai woman accused Vic Chou of rape, impregnating her and cheating on her.

The Thai woman, Pear, held a press conference in Thailand and claimed that she had a five-year relationship with the F4 member.

She claimed that Vic had "forced himself onto her" on their first sexual encounter, and they also had numerous unprotected sex during their 5 years relationship. She also claimed that she was pregnant and she had a miscarriage, reports Asian Pop News. She said she only found out about Vic’s marriage from the news reports, and he had ignored her completely.

Pear displayed a ring which she said was a gift from Vic. She also showed the media a series of their WhatsApp conversations, but could not produce any photos and relevant evidence.

Pear said to the media, “I do not want money. I only want justice and the truth to be known.”

According to Taiwanese media, Vic is extremely furious at the Thai woman’s accusations.

Vic’s lawyer has also issued an official statement: “Pear has defamed Vic Chou, and she has violated the criminal law….. We will file criminal and civil lawsuits against the woman in Thailand.”

Vic’s manager added that the Thai woman was “too much”.

When Pear first accused Vic of having a one-night stand with her early this year, they did not take any action although they were angry. However, now that she has damaged Vic’s reputation and image, Vic and his agency have decided to take legal action against her.

After the scandal surfaced, most of the fans and netizens did not believe Pear’s side of story. Netizens have remarked that her statements were conflicting, from a one-night stand to a five-year relationship.

Vic and Reen Yu’s relationship have not been affected by this scandal. They are expected to hold their wedding banquet in the second half of this year or early next year.

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