Former TVB actress reveals her lack of roles and how ex-manager tried to sleep with her

10 March 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

A former actress has revealed many juices details about her career recently.

She was reportedly in TVB for a long period of time, but was never given the main lead role and always played supporting characters.

In 2006, she left and became a student in a Beijing movie school.

In 2007, she signed on with another TV station but even under them, she did not get much roles.

She only got two shows under the new station, and subsequently quit the entertainment industry.

Her fiery temperament and straightforward responses are attributed to her lack of roles.

According to a Viral Cham report, she once had a good looking manager who tried to sleep with her but was rejected.

She allegedly knows she has a princess attitude, but does not intend to change.

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