Former EXO member Kris Wu releases legal statement about serial dating rumours

19 June 2016 / 4 months 5 days ago

Former EXO member and rising actor Kris Wu has issued a legal statement to warn that legal action will be taken against perpetrators who have spread rumours about him on the internet this past week.

According to Jayne Stars, a Weibo user known as Little G-Na shared screenshots of a WeChat conversation she allegedly had with Kris on her blog.

In her post, she claimed that he had "disappeared on [her]" and demanded an answer from him.

In her message, she implied that she was Kris’ girlfriend, saying, “Even if you wanted a breakup, you should at least say it.”

Another netizen known as Love Fan theway then revealed two pictures of somebody who resembles Kris sleeping on her bed.

The WeChat conversation and two photos were spread online and sparked rumours that Kris had dated and slept with multiple women.

After two days of silence from Kris' side, his team released two official statements.

One was to announce that Kris had signed with Jackie Chan's agency, Sparkle Roll Media.

The other was a legal statement issued by his lawyers stating that legal action would be taken against the defamers.

The statement said that the pictures and conversations were fabricated, misleading and edited.

The statement also named the Weibo users involved in the spreading of misinformation, expressing that they have crossed the line of free speech.

The firm has reportedly already contacted authorities about the incident and will follow regular reporting procedures.

While many of Kris' fans stepped up to support him, other netizens pointed out that the timing of the rumours and his official signing with Sparkle Roll Media was too coincidental.

One netizen said: “It now makes sense why [a statement] wasn’t released earlier. He was in the midst of changing teams. This was probably a good time to spread rumors about him.”

Another said: “I feel that this statement isn’t very convincing. If none of that actually happened, why didn’t they sue Little G-Na?”

One doubtful netizen noted: “They didn’t even show proof that it wasn’t true.”

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