First photo of Elva Hsiao's new 'Tom Cruise' lookalike BF exposed

26 March 2016 / 7 months 3 days ago

Taiwanese pop star, Elva Hsiao, has moved on from her Singaporean boyfriend Elroy Cheo, and is now dating a 'Tom Cruise lookalike' Caucasian man.

This is the first time the media has seen a photo of him.

According to Asian Pop News, the man was identified as Michael, an American citizen, who is 40 this year.

After Elva broke up with Elroy last June, her good friend Janet Yang introduced her American classmate, Michael to her.

Michael has a Master’s Degree in Business Management, and is helping with his father’s trading business in Shanghai. Michael speaks fluent Mandarin as he has studied in Taiwan before.

Elva engaged him as her consultant and General Manager of her fashion label, Carry Me at the beginning of this year. The duo worked very closely and love sparks gradually ignited between them.

A photo of Michael surfaced as Elva was seen together with him at the airport. Last month, Elva was also seen having a meal with Michael near the Carry Me office.

Dating for 3 months, Elva seems to be keeping low-key about this new relationship. She responded on her new beau and said, “Because of what happened earlier, I am more careful now. We just started to know each other. Nothing is confirmed.”

Elva’s ex-boyfriend, Elroy has sent his blessings to her. He said, “I hope everything goes well for her. I am happy for them.”

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