Female blogger claims that Darren Wang acted like a diva even before shooting to fame

11 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

The star of Taiwanese hit movie Our Times <我的少女時代>, Darren Wang has been under the spotlight after he unilaterally terminated his contract with his agent Angie Chai. Many have scolded him for being ungrateful after he shot to stardom.

Recently, Taiwanese writer and famous blogger, Liu Sang Biao revealed on her Facebook that even before Darren became famous, he was already acting like a diva.

According to Asian Pop News, Liu said she was a studio assistant when she met Darren, who was still a student then. During a meeting, Darren had no regard for the adults and just sat on a couch, when everyone else was standing.

Liu said, “Baby Wang sat on the centre of a couch, and he was so arrogant. It seemed that he knew that he would become a big star one day.”

Liu also disclosed that Darren was over pampered by his father. Mr Wang took out some money and asked Liu to buy takeout for him.

She said, “I was stunned for a moment. I was thinking if it was natural to instruct others? Did they know what was courtesy? Was I their assistant? Is your son crippled?”

Darren thought for a long time before deciding what to eat. Liu said, “A normal kid will say, It’s fine. I will buy myself.”

Liu’s Facebook post became a discussion on forum. One netizen remarked, “Like father, like son”.

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