Female athlete impresses judges with deadlift... until she starts puking everywhere

11 February 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

Female athlete 'blondbeautybri' was competing at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships last week when she managed to pull an impressive weight in the deadlift.

Her performance went viral, not because of her weightlifting prowess but due to something else altogether: She suddenly started puking halfway through, sending projectile vomit flying on judges and the audience.

Instead of being embarrassed however, the powerlifter posted on Instagram:

"I'm not embarrassed not ashamed of this I'm actually proud of myself for not giving up like most lifters would! So many people are saying so many things like it's "gross" "nasty" "chicken dance" whatever yes it's gross and nasty and yes I like to do the chicken dance to pump my lats before my lift but at the end of the day I still got my final attempt deadlift and I wouldn't change anything at all."

Netizens also went to work by creating memes of her epic moment -- which she seems to be taking in stride.

Watch what happened in the Instagram video below and see more photos/memes of the athlete in the gallery below.


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