Faye Wong's daughter, 9, defends step-sister, 18, after netizens call her 'ugly'

17 October 2015 / 1 year 6 days ago

Oct 16, 2015

Chinese singer Faye Wong's 9-year-old daughter Li Yan has recently been cut off from social networks by her father, Chinese media reported, after she posted several videos of herself teaching selfie and make-up tips online.

In the videos, Li Yan also revealed her mother's cosmetic collection and the interior of their spacious home.

Netizens were full of praise for her videos, which were a hit online, but her father, actor-turned-entrepreneur Li Yapeng, was quick to jump in to pull the plug on her online activities.

Blaming himself for neglecting his only child with ex-wife Wong, he wrote on his Weibo account: "At her young age, she is not ready to face the public and she has a long way to go. After discussing things with her, I have closed down her public account."

But he thanked Internet users for liking her videos, saying, "Daddy actually saw those videos several times".

The original clips have since been deleted.

Netizens however, have not been as kind to Li Yan's step-sister, Dou Jingtong, 18, Faye Wong's first child with ex-husband Dou Wei.

After the budding singer was captured in Chinese actress Zhao Wei's video on her social media account, netizens criticised the teenager for looking 'ugly'.

Said one netizen: "Faye Wong's daughter is so ugly, Zhao Wei is beautiful enough on her own without needing the contrast."

But feisty Li Yan hit back at the hurtful comment, writing: "Please cover your mole before speaking. Don't think I can't see it."

Several netizens rallied behind the girl for jumping to her sister's defence, and supported her by saying: "Don't bother about them, your sister is great."

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