Faye Wong's 9-year-old daughter reveals selfie secrets -- gives glimpse into mum's luxury home

14 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

The Straits Times
Oct 13, 2015

China's latest social media star is a nine-year-old expert on the art of the selfie - who also happens to be pop superstar Faye Wong's daughter.

Li Yan, the rarely photographed daughter of Wong and actor Li Yapeng, was a hit on the Internet after she posted several selfie and makeup tutorials on the online video community Meipai on Sunday, said NetEase website.

But on Tuesday, the father said the daughter had closed her public account, after they had a discussion.

Writing on Weibo, he said he blamed himself for neglecting his child with Wong, his former wife.

He thanked the netizens who liked his daughter's videos, and added: "Dad actually saw them several times."

In one of the apparently self-made videos, Yan tilts her head at different angles to demonstrate selfie-taking techniques of stars such as Angelababy (chin tucked in), Fan Bingbing (shoulder bared, lips pouting), G.E.M. (lower lip jutting out) and "my mother" (a closed-mouth smile).

Elsewhere, she gives tips about face-slimming make-up, removes half the make-up on her face to show "there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women", and turns the camera on her mother's collection of skincare products, which fill shelves on both sides of a sink in a bathroom.

Netizens liked such peeks at Wong's mansion, which has French windows, European-style decor and fresh flowers on tables, said NetEase.

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