Fans shocked by video of drunk 'Malaysia Chabor' getting 'intimate' with guy

22 December 2015 / 10 months 6 days ago

Netizens were shocked to see a the famed 'Malaysia Chabor' Joyce Chu drinking, partying and getting intimate with a guy in a video clip. 

In the video, the young Joyce at 16 years old was chatting with a guy she met online and against her family's advice, decided to meet up with him at a party. 

At the party, she is filmed drinking a lot and and flirting with him. He then slips a drug into her drink and leads her up to a room when she is feeling dizzy.

He then raped her and took compromising photos of her to extort her.

The clip turned out to be a crime awareness project that Joyce was working on in secondary school, when she was studying in Singapore. 

The video titled Cyber Crime Awarness was uploaded by Singapore Police Force (SPF) on YouTube in 2013. 

The caption read, "Entry by Si Ling Secondary School's E-Lemon-Ator". The video was a competition entry by the group for cyber crime awareness that was organised by the SPF.

It was revealed that Joyce Chu started studying in Singapore when she was 12. She then travelled to school in Singapore every day and back to Johor Bahru. 

This meant she had to leave her home at 3am and returned at 8pm.

Check out the screenshots below to see the project or watch the video entry here.

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