Fans call Jessica Jung a 'liar' after news of her upcoming solo album

28 February 2016 / 8 months 22 hours ago

Jessica Jung has been slowly re-entering the Korean market since her departure from Girls’ Generation... and fans are NOT pleased.

According to Koreaboo, it was reported that that she is also almost complete with her solo album.

Jessica Jung has steadily worked with her new album since the end of last year and early this year. Several songs have already finished recording as well though there is no official release date yet. An album title and title track are also not confirmed.

The news of her album also coincided with reports of her plans to join KBS Beauty Bible as MC.

However, despite her coming back, fans are calling her a 'liar' and have absolutely tore her apart.

They criticised the former SM Entertainment singer for continuously lying about her career decisions following her departure from Girls’ Generation.

They said:

"I cheered for her in the beginning thinking she set out to do what she really wanted…and now this. Are you mocking the public?"

"Are you kidding me? You denied everything even when rumours were circulating that you met with producers and auditioned for acting roles and now that a year’s gone by your lies are being uncovered.

"When you left you said you were going to fashion school and studying.

"Now that you’ve gone around doing fan meetings and business isn’t doing so well you want to come back? You? the queen of voice cracks?"


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