Fan Bingbing and Jerry Lee fuel wedding rumours after being spotted with rings

20 October 2015 / 1 year 4 days ago

After announcing their relationship in May 2015, Fan Bingbing and Jerry Lee have been attending events as a couple frequently.

A few days ago, they participated in the recording of Mainland China reality show, Challenger Alliance and Bingbing's hands were tied with chain in a big box.

The magician and Bingbing needed to perform 'escape from fire crisis'. Jerry was standing beside them and he asked with a worrying expression if Bingbing was alright.

However, he was unaware Bingbing had escaped to the safety house. Subsequently, the chain tying Bingbing's hands were removed and her fair hands had some red marks.

At this point, Jerry dashed towards her, held her hands and consoled her. While displaying their sweet interactions, the wedding rings on their hands were exposed.

Looking at the photo, they wore their wedding rings on their ring finger on their right hand, report Asian E-News Portal and ON.CC.

According to Mainland custom, the female wears the wedding ring on her ring finger (right hand) and the male wears it on his ring finger (left hand).

Hence, it caused speculation that Bingbing and Jerry had already registered their marriage secretly.

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