Fan Bing Bing's controversial sex scene on horse with Leon Lai: Some more concerned about horse

4 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Charlene Chua
The New Paper
31 July 2015

An erotic scene from period film Lady Of The Dynasty has been creating a stir online.

The scene in question shows Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing and Hong Kong actor Leon Lai's characters straddling a horse and apparently doing the dirty deed.

Now, the scene has apparently been cut after outrage from netizens following a leak of some screenshots. 

Lady Of The Dynasty is a Chinese war romance epic that stars Fan, Lai and Bruneian actor Wu Chun.

Netizens slammed the equestrian-based sex scene for two reasons.

Some were worried that the actors combined weight would hurt the horse.

Others said that it was just distasteful.

The movie's director, Shi Qing, responded to the criticism on Friday (July 31).

He told "The leaked screenshots of the sex scene that went viral on the Internet made me realise that I had some regrets with regards to some of the technicalities of the scene. So I cut it to make the movie more ideal."

Lady Of The Dynasty was released in China on Thursday (July 30) without the scene in question, according to Apple Daily.

On Monday (July 27), the film had been recalled due to technical issues but later, cinemas found out that it had been recalled to cut the scene.

A spokesman for the movie confirmed that a scene of Lai's character ripping clothes off Fan's character right before the "horse scene" remained, but everything else from the sexually charged scene had been deleted.

Asked if the censorship had been due to public pressure, Wu Chun (pictured below) defended the movie and gave his thoughts on the controversial scene.

He said that the director had filmed it from an artistic perspective.  

Wu Chun, 35, told The New Paper: "I still haven't had the chance to watch the entire movie.

"Our director has a very artistic personality and that scene (that caused an uproar) was indeed very challenging.

"No one has done it before.

"I did see some clips of the movie last week.

"I think it's beautifully shot."

China Topix reported that Fan had also defended herself and the movie. 

Fan, 31, told Chinese media: "The (sex on a horse) scene speaks of humanity, love, life, and death.

"It's a depiction of love and tension between people through a new perspective."

The actress has also crossed over into Hollywood productions like Iron Man 3 and X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Though cool when quizzed about the scene, Fan got upset when she heard that a netizen had noted that she often had sex scenes in her movies, such as Lost In Beijing (2007).

She retorted disapprovingly: “If you are a pervert, you will see nothing else... no matter what is presented in front of you.

“I am an actress. I portray a person, not a deity.

"All of us have emotions and desires. It’s a normal thing."

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