Fala Chen and Dayo Wong frustrated with audiences who interrupt their play with cellphone calls

10 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Skylight, Dayo Wong and Fala Chen‘s new play, has been very well-received since it opened.

The number of shows was also increased due to popular demand, reports JayneStars.

Fala was delighted to see her Heart of Greed co-stars Louise Lee and Susanna Kwan show their support by attending the show.

However the play suffered several disturbances due to cell phone usage during shows.

Both Fala and Dayo expressed their frustration with the unnecessary distractions.

Through interviews and social media, the actors urged the audience to refrain from using their cell phones during the show.

Despite their continued appeals, there were still several cell phone disruptions, including glares and ringtones.

With several more performances in coming days, Dayo took the opportunity when taking his bow at the end of the play to advise the audience to respect every performer on stage and turn off their cell phones.

“Luckily the ringtone earlier was not one of my songs, but a song that I am not familiar with. When the phone went off, Fala and I both turned red with anger.

"Other than affecting our moods, I was also worried that when the cell phone rang, the people nearby will tell the person to be quiet, adding more unnecessary noise!”

Despite his lighthearted scolding, Dayo’s speech was met with applause from the audience.

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