Edison Chen talks about scandal 8 years later: 'The whole world's having sex, I was not wrong on that part'

23 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

Vancouver-born, Hong Kong-raised actor, musician and entrepreneur Edison Chen opens up about his 2008 sex scandal, and imparts some insightful thoughts.

In an 'In Your Face' interview on Mar 11, 2016, he talks to Lou Stoppard about his complex relationship with the Hong Kong entertainment industry, opening up about the fallout from his infamous 2008 sex scandal and his approach to being a role-model. 

He describes himself as a 'creator', in terms of movie, music, retail management and more.

He feels that in the region he works in China, it is more suppressed, so he is considered an 'artist' in a sense that he lets it all out, and all 'hang' -- pun not intended.

He shared his thoughts regarding the scandal and what he felt he did 'wrong':

"I didn't know myself what was going on and I already jumped to many conclusions. I didn't think of the whole and I only thought of myself."

He admits that in that sense, he was wrong because he was a 'figure' in the culture that many people looked to for direction.

However, he says that he still "struggles to find what exactly it is that makes [him] the devil." 

Chen said: "I understand that from a certain point of view, especially the conservative view, that a lot of things I represent or am associated with are taboo.

"What exactly I did wrong was maybe misjudged the situation, disrespected the one place I was living in and making a living from."

However, he feels that he did not do wrong on the 'sex' part.

"The whole world's having sex behind closed doors. I don't feel like I had done anything wrong in that particular situation.

"The only thing that was wrong was in the context of how I dealt with the situation. It was too foreign to me, too instantaneous. I had lawyers, government officials, manager, father and mother all give me all types of advice.

"That might have led my a little astray but on the tip of sexuality I don't feel like I was wrong. I was being a young buck having fun. In that sense I don't feel like I was wrong."

He feels that he got more of the heat and lash back because of cultural issues. 

"I feel it's a shame sometimes I get characterised by just that. I feel I have offered so much more," he said. 

Watch his full interview here.

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