Edison Chen seen kissing Chinese model who is allegedly still married

1 June 2016 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2016

Bad boy Edison Chen's love life is in the news again.

This time, the tabloids are certain that he is dating 25-year-old Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei, as the two were seen kissing and behaving intimately in public.

The 35-year-old also reportedly said via his agency: "I am very happy right now. Thank you for your concern."

Qin, who in 2012 married Leigh Gow, general manager of Huayi Brothers Fashion Group, was also spotted leaving a boutique hotel in Hong Kong with Chen on Tuesday (May 31).

Video footage shows that when paparazzi approached the couple, Chen became a little upset and photos showed he even gave photographers the finger.

One video published by Apple Daily shows Chen bumping into the camera, after the cameraman asked Qin if she was still married. When another man told him not to get violent, Chen denied doing so and said that the cameraman had walked into him.

According to the tabloid, Chen's father Edward Chen had also stepped out of the hotel moments before Edison and Qin.

Later, when the cameraman tapped Chen on the back and said "congratulations", Chen appeared to get angry and asked why he had touched him. He then turned to face the cameraman and pushed him three times while saying "congratulations" in return.

Qin, a 177cm-tall model, was previously linked to Edison when tabloids published a a photo of her sitting on his lap last year.

After photos of the couple kissing were splashed across the tabloids, Gow said on his social media account that he was having a hard time dealing with queries from the media and those around him. But when the photos of Chen and Qin were released, he said he thought to himself: "Why should I stay silent?", adding that he didn't think he could respect "those who don't deserve respect".

He ended his post by asking: "When did having an affair become an open fashion (sic)? P.S Do I need to give my blessings even before the divorce proceedings?"

On Tuesday, Qin responded to Gow's allegations on her Weibo page, clarifying that she had earlier signed divorce papers prepared by Gow's lawyers.

"I don't understand why he is irresponsibly hurting me this way," she said, before wishing him the best.

A few hours later, she posted another update with photos of another woman posing with various clothes and accessories.

"Before you issue a clarification, please tell your girlfriend to delete all the Weibo photos of her wearing my clothes and bags, no wonder you have refused to return my things to me," she wrote.

Qin is one of China's top supermodels and is also reportedly one of the country's highest paid models.

According to Women of China, she was schooled in New York before she was discovered and has graced the catwalk for brands like Chanel and Dior, and was also a Victoria's Secret angel in 2012.


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