Eddie Pang rejects taking photo with ex-fiancée Queenie Chu dismissing hopes of reconciliation

25 July 2016 / 3 months 3 days ago

Despite breaking off their engagement, Eddie Pang and his ex-fiancée Queenie Chu are still working together as shareholders of a restaurant.

However, according to Asian E-News Portal, the two declined taking photos together and explained that they were partners only and made preparations for the restaurant as the shareholders.

Eddie was at the restaurant, taking care of matters alone as Queenie was busy with filming.

When asked if they were afraid rumours might arise regarding them getting back together, Eddie said: 

"It depends on fate and we are focusing on career now. (Referring to her or you?) Nope. We enjoy being single now and let nature take its course."

He added:

"I love children very much and having baby is my goal. But we have to date, get married then have baby. (Queenie is in-front of you?) We let nature take its course and giving excess pressure is not a good thing."

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