Drug dealer throws $1.7 million worth of drugs out of window, which land at police officers' feet

27 October 2015 / 1 year 17 hours ago

When police officers arrived at the house of drug dealer Rezwan Hussain, he immediately panicked. What he did not realise was that they were there to speak to his brother, not him.

Hussain frantically tried to dispose of multiple bags of cocaine, heroin, and crack cocaine from his property in Rochdale by throwing them out the window.

However, he failed to rectify two major flaws in his brilliant plan, reports Uni Lad. The first point was that it was not just a few small bags, but SGD$1.7 million worth of narcotics.

And the second point was that the drugs landed and littered the street just inches away from a police patrol van.

Police returned to the house to investigate 'narcotics rain' but the 29-year-old had already made his escape.

However, a third flaw in his plan meant that his parents, who were left behind, were arrested and a £3M drugs factory to be discovered in the basement.

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