Donnie Yen accidentally kicks Mike Tyson in crotch

20 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

One of the most anticipated scenes in the upcoming Ip Man 3 would be Donnie Yen's fight with Mike Tyson.

According to HKTopTen, Yen accidentally kicked Tyson in the crotch but to his surprise, Tyson did not feel anything or react to it.

Yen joked, "Maybe he trains in an iron cloth".

Yen also shared what he had in common with his new co-star:

"Tyson and I really have a lot to talk about, maybe because of our similar personalities. 

"We both really love our wives, I talked with his wife about their children's education. 

"When he comes to the set and goes to the hotel, he would hold his wife's hand. 

"They are very loving."

Despite their short time together, Yen said that he and Tyson had managed to forge a connection.

Yen claimed that Tyson was teary-eyed when he had finished his scenes and seemed reluctant to say goodbye.

Yen also has several fight scenes with Zhang Jin in Ip Man 3 that also included a few flubs.

Yen accidentally hit Zhang in the head with a long staff and recounted the incident: "At the time I didn't know what happened, I only heard Zhang Jin went ouch behind me.  Then I finally realized I hurt him. 

"After that the crew kept laughing and said that I was out for revenge for when he hit my nose earlier. 

"I watched the playback. The accident was pretty comedic, we couldn't have done it any better even if we planned it."

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